Performance Benchmarks

For the industrial and agricultural machinery clients we manage paid search for, our cost per PPC lead has generally been $30-60, and our typical cost to generate an order from paid search totals about $200-300. For each $1 in paid search cost, we typically generate $50-100 in machinery sales. Industrial and agricultural machinery have consistently been our top-performing vertical for PPC advertising.

“How Do I Know if PPC Is Working?”

  • Your total cost per PPC lead should generally be less than $60, including all labor and management costs. In addition, most should be high-quality leads (e.g. phone calls and form submissions from people seriously considering making a purchase in your price range). If it costs you significantly more or you’re not sure, we’d recommend getting a free consultation.
  • Each $10,000 in PPC sales should cost you less than $300 in total marketing costs (usually $100-200 depending on machinery type).

Our Machinery Experience

Most of our staff have backgrounds in PPC management with U.S. machinery companies, ranging from small businesses to billion-dollar enterprises. Here are some of the types of industrial machinery we’ve had PPC success with.

  • Agricultural machinery (e.g. seeders, tractors, threshers, irrigators, planters, and harvesting equipment).
  • Construction equipment (e.g. excavators, cranes, dumpers, and loaders)
  • Heavy vehicles and utility vehicles
  • Factory and manufacturing equipment (e.g. injection molders and extruders)
  • Industrial drills
  • Industrial food processing and safety equipment (e.g. food x-ray systems)
  • Lifts (e.g. articulating boom lifts)
  • Metalworking machinery
  • Petrochemical equipment (e.g. industrial pumps)
  • Pharmaceutical process equipment