Not getting the results you’re looking for from your PPC advertising? Here are some of the most common issues we’ve encountered when looking at incoming accounts.

1. Are you paying for irrelevant PPC searches?

  • We recommend regularly auditing queries to identify and weed out irrelevant queries (e.g. if you’re selling car manufacturing equipment, searches from people looking to buy cars or replacement car parts are probably irrelevant to you). Deploy negative keywords to block irrelevant queries moving forward. (At PPC Seven, our benchmark is that less than 1% of clicks purchased should be irrelevant, but most of the prospects we examine are in the 10-20% range. Deploying negative keywords and using more selective keywords is a major improvement for spending your budget on people that are actually interested in buying your products or services, and will significantly increase the revenue you generate from your current budget).
  • Are your queries being served with relevant ad copy and landing pages? E.g. if you sell and rent out equipment, people searching for rentals should get different ad copy and possibly a different landing page than people searching for purchases.
  • Are your searches coming from locations relevant to your business? (In AdWords, the default campaign setting is to target users inside or interested in your service area, and a campaign using default location settings typically uses 10%+ of its budget on people that are 100+ miles from the areas you’re trying to target).

2. Are your PPC accounts tracking their leads correctly? Setting up lead tracking within AdWords, Bing, and other platforms makes it significantly easier to identify which campaigns, adgroups, and keywords are performing most/least effectively. This is really important to successful PPC management, whether you’re using a relatively basic setup (like using AdWords’ CPA or eCPC bidding options) or a more technically involved alternative (e.g. Marin or Acquisio).

3. Is someone experienced in PPC regularly maintaining your account? Many of our clients started out in PPC by creating and managing their own accounts. However, PPC is relatively complex, and experience in the field is extremely helpful for avoiding major problems. In addition, having someone keeping a close eye on the account significantly improves results vs. “set it and forget it”.

4. Are your ads set up effectively?

  • We recommend having at least 2 ads in all major adgroups.
  • Are you showing users different ad copy based on their device type or which retargeting/behavioral lists they’re on? (This can be done in AdWords using if functions).
  • Are ineffective ads getting paused regularly?